“Loved it!!!  Thank you Barbara.  So fun meeting you all.  It makes ALLL the difference to actually BE at the workshop rather than setting goals on my own.  Thanks for all the inspiration and accountability.  Onward!”  L. Woods

“It was such a gift meeting you all and getting to be part of such a thoughtful workshop.  Thank you Barbara for teaching us!  Truly inspiring and I can’t wait to reach my goals.!!!”  T. Mertens

“Loved being with Barbara once again and ready to Roll on the Goals!”  K. Cooney

“Thank you Barbara for aligning us on such a special day.  To be in a room of such amazing women left my heart feeling so full and my energy fired up.”  C. Fontes

“What a magical day it was with you all.  Left inspired, encouraged and excited about the next steps towards the goals.”  A. Mertens

“Thank you Barbara for your friendship, inspiring workshop, generosity and kindness.  It seemed everyone felt safe to share and grow!”  E. Blois

“Thanks again for leading such an awesome goals workshop!  You are such an inspiration.  This is my third goals workshop with you and I’m thrilled that you always provide something different each time.  Having such a useful binder is terrific.”  D. Dadok

“I was discussing today how the workshop lit a fire in my soul and then I was off and running. The accountability was a key factor. All this from your workshop Barbara. Thank you Ms. Tyler! You’ve got a true believer with a great story to share!”
K. Cooney

“I was in your workshop and identified my Vision as ‘My new career will give my family stability and security.’ After applying for several positions, even being turned down in the first interview, I have been offered a new position with the College of San Mateo. It’s everything I have wanted for so long and gives me the opportunity to eventually move up in my career. Thank you for everything you have done and the encouragement you have given me and MANY other single moms in this community. You are an inspiration to us all.”

“Thanks again for a fabulous workshop. The 2 phrases that seem to keep playing in my head over and over again are “if you do nothing, then nothing will happen” and “success is on the other side of scary” Those are going to be my mantras over the next couple of months as I work towards my vision.”

“As I drove out of the parking lot after the workshop I left behind the doubts and procrastinations. Your clear presentation and encouragement have put me on the road to reaching my goals.”

“I cannot thank you enough for making some of my dreams come true because without a clear vision, we end up losing ourselves in an endless meander and not living our lives to the fullest. I’m so grateful for this class.”

“You unfailingly made people with comments, hands in the air, and ideas feel welcome to and part of the day’s conversation. Loved your graciousness, intelligence, excellent presenting skills, useful content, well-delivered, good humor. Wow. I stand impressed!”

“Just days after taking Barbara Tyler’s Goals Workshop, I put her tips into action, my goals are set, my path of action is clear, Barbara’s course completely transformed my thinking and the way I work and live, so that that each day I set and complete my goals and that frees up space in my mind as well to think more clearly, creatively, be more calm, and get more done. Thank you Barbara, for freeing my mind, body, and spirit – you are brilliant!”
JoAnn, author, champion athlete and sports psychologist

“Wow! Barbara is an incredible intuitive coach and facilitator. I was able to accomplish more in a day with Barbara than a month working on goals myself. She is able to reframe your thoughts so you develop an empowering vision statement. And then provides the positive encouragement to ensure you have set specific goals and milestones that can be acted on immediately!”

“Honestly, the best thing about your workshop is you! For me, to have met someone close to my age who has wrapped up a successful career and is now giving back to the community and helping others is just a kind of bright star in the sky. I am 53 and really want to leave some long-standing problems behind, because now that we’ve met, I see what can be done. Sometimes you need to see someone else doing the thing you AREN’T doing.”

“I’m in a growth period from the workshop and feel quite different – a lot calmer and more focused. Thank you so much for the motivating and informational workshop – already taking action and love my new centeredness!”

“What was most eye-opening for me was to realize just how much setting dreams and goals motivates me in life. Your workshop helped me organize my goals and make them tangible to pursue on a daily basis. Sometimes when we think of our vision, it can become overwhelming very quickly. The process you shared on going from vision, to goals, to everyday benchmarks helped me figure out how I can focus on my vision every day and work towards it.”

“You have a fabulously rich and strong presence that added to the informative material that was presented. I loved that you kept us on track and focused.”

“You broke down the information in a clear and concise manner that I will use as my recipe for success! I’ve gotten my calendar and am focusing on the intention of stepping into action and making these visions happen!”

“Ever since the Goal Setting Workshop I attended I have been thinking so much more about goal setting, milestones, action plans, etc. I’m going back to school this Fall for a Human Services Class. It will definitely equip me for the position I have now and it will also allow me to transition to a better paying job in a year or two. My vision is to work for the San Mateo County in the Human Services Department. I want to continue to help families…I am so EXCITED!”
BC from East Palo Alto

“I laughed, I cried, and I saw myself in others. You gave me an incredible gift; a glimpse of myself I own with pride. I walked away from the gathering full of ideas, new tools to create my dreams and the energy to move to action.”

“Thank you so much for such an inspiring and informative workshop. I enjoyed what you shared about making small, manageable steps to reach your goal. The more steps you achieve, the closer you are to your goal. I never thought about it that way. Also, I did not think to ever reward myself for the progress I’ve made. I learned so many great things. Thank you again!”
Tiffany from Palo Alto

“One of my aaha moments involved writing the action steps to my goals and realizing my time frames were unrealistic. I decided to give myself more time and offer rewards for early achievement. Baby steps. Thank you for making a meaningful difference.”
Judy from Los Altos

“Thank you for an awesome and wonderful Goals Setting Workshop. It is so inspiring to work with you. And, thank you for always being a realist with an enormous heart – a formidable combination!”
Marcia from Mountain View

“I’ve been working on my milestones and I feel like I’ve had more clarity and enthusiasm to accomplish my goals. I’ve also been making it a priority so stay away from negative people (dream thieves) and instead, connecting with people that are supportive and positive. My mentality now is, “don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams”. I appreciate you taking the time to teach such valuable lessons.
Bonny from East Palo Alto

“Barbara was truly inspirational and I came out feeling refreshed, supported, reconnected to my goals, and joyful. Thank you for hosting this wonderful workshop”
a participant at Southern Oregon University

“I loved that I walked out of there with a plan instead of more vague dreams. Thank you!!!”
a participant at Southern Oregon University

“I am following the action plan I worked for my needs. I set dates for completion. I go back and check my binder for ideas. Thank you very much for the direction you provided.”
a participant at Southern Oregon University

“Unexpected outcome – I discovered how AFRAID I am to move toward my dream. I am unable to set a goal yet because I am working on the fears first. I am usually a reliable person and do what I say, that is why I have not yet fully committed. The goal means big life changes, therefore there is a lot of fears involved. Thank you for telling me…baby steps.”
a participant at Southern Oregon University

“By the end of the Goals workshop there was a clear sense of renewal, engagement, and rock-solid personal commitment from the attendees. Those with whom I’ve had contact since have conveyed (volunteered) a great appreciation for the opportunity to be in the workshop. Barbara, besides the effect on these 30 women you are having a great impact on our community. All of us, from planner to participant, are inspired to give–to lead–to commit to actions. That will improve this world—through your example. I am so grateful, and humbled, to be part of this movement! Thank you.”
Jeanne Stallman
Executive Director of Outreach and Engagement
Southern Oregon University

“I learned another key message that I wasn’t expecting to learn. It didn’t occur to me that I had established quite the pattern of not asking for help. I would often let fear take over and just keep my thoughts and desires within myself to stay safe. But this didn’t take me far; in fact, it greatly contributed to my feelings of isolation and being misunderstood. And so I thank you for helping me trust in opening up to others, those who could serve as my cheerleaders and hold me accountable. You are a true blessing and couldn’t have come at a better time in my life.”
Melissa from Mountain View

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop on Saturday. Between your workshop and your video, I learned so much. You really opened my eyes to so many things for me to start thinking about. I have reread my notes (and will do so many times more), and have done so much thinking since the workshop. I can see how you have changed so many people’s lives, as your information is so very powerful. And I do think it is so exceptional how you are giving back to the community.”
Linda from Palo Alto

“Thank you for a wonderful class! You have a gift for phrasing your words in a very meaningful and personal way. I was especially moved by your warmth and kindness as you listened to various people express their thoughts. The notebook is going to become the new home for organizing my career search endeavors–wish me luck!”
Shirley from Palo Alto

“A big THANK YOU for the opportunity to reflect on where I want to be in five years. I understand Goal Setting is a lifelong habit that I need to establish to fully reap the benefits. It is encouraging to know you live this”.
Ashini from Palo Alto

“THANK YOU so much for developing a seminar that focused on women who dare to dream. THANK YOU for providing many excellent “tools” that allow us to reframe our thinking, acknowledge our dreams, overcome fear or guilt and trust ourselves to reach our goals!”
Barbara from Palo Alto

“Yesterday’s seminar was WONDERFUL! Every woman in the room seemed to truly benefit from what she learned and worked on. I was especially touched by how you personally connected with each of the women and supported them.”
Judy from Menlo Park

“Thank you so much for the incredible seminar! I loved everything about it, the format, the message. I look forward to the months ahead as I become more articulate with my dreams to help realize my goals.”
Carol from Menlo Park

“You took us where we were in our lives and gave us HOPE. Few teachers can have you come away feeling like you have learned how to make your life work so much better.”
Helen from San Mateo

“I thought you might like to hear from a former student. Your class was life changing for me. My way of thinking, while cleaning my office, is to make an effort to put items that are similar in one place. Without the class being once a week for three weeks, I doubt very much I would have been led to clean my office. Thank you for your time, your teaching, and the quotes! I try to look at one quote a week.”
Sue from Los Altos

Blog Post from Deborah’s Palm

The following blog post by Donne Davis was originally published on Deborah’s Palm, A community for women, on February 1, 2013.

“2013 has gotten off to a phenomenal start and it’s all because of three generous women: Janada Clark, Katie Ritchey, and Barbara Tyler.

Janada Clark, who teaches parenting workshops at Deborah’s Palm, told me about DP last September over lunch. As soon as I got home, there was an email introduction: “You and Katie have so much in common I know you’ll enjoy getting to know each other!”

She was absolutely right. Katie and I met and we clicked instantly.

In December I spotted an item in DP’s newsletter: Dreams! Goals! Keys to Success! Barbara Tyler will facilitate a motivational and interactive workshop to help you plan your next steps in setting goals for the New Year. The workshop was three nights and the most amazing part was that it was free!

I’m a goal setting junkie and I was excited to learn some techniques from a woman who ranked #1 real estate agent internationally with Coldwell Banker.

At our first class, fifteen women sat in the room wondering what we could learn that would help us transform our dreams into reality. Barbara explained that when you give your mind a goal, you give it something to focus on and a direction to go.

The major difference between a dream and a goal is a date. She showed us how to formulate our goal using positive words, for example, I will and I am instead of I won’t or I need to.

We filled out a worksheet with some of our high priority dreams rewritten as goals with a date or frequency and specific action to take. Our action plan for our goal had to include a milestone (small step) and a date when we would accomplish it.
Our homework assignment was to create a visual image to present to the class that represented what our life would look like when we reached our dream. I created a collage to illustrate my goal of hosting a teleseminar for grandmothers all over the world.

At our second class, each of us stood before the group and proudly told the story of our dreams in pictures. There is something magical about saying your dream out loud to a group of women. Suddenly, it becomes a possibility and with encouragement from everyone you can start making it a reality.

The most important keys to success are to write your milestones on a calendar, keep your goals in sight, ask for support, and review your goals regularly. My collage is posted just above my computer and I smile every time I look at it as I imagine achieving it. Giving yourself rewards when you accomplish a milestone will motivate you to keep moving forward.

I’ve taken many goal-setting workshops over the years but this one was definitely different and the difference is Barbara Tyler. She has such warmth and generosity in her teaching and encourages with such genuine desire to help us succeed.
I’m so excited to begin creating my teleseminar for grandmas all over the world. I know I can do it and I have the support and resources available from this phenomenal community of women at Deborah’s Palm.

Thank you, Katie for your vision and for providing a place where women can truly connect and turn dreams into reality.”

About Donne Davis
Donne Davis founded the GaGa Sisterhood, a social network for enthusiastic grandmas in 2003, after witnessing the birth of her first grandchild. She writes, blogs, and speaks on a variety of grandparenting topics.